About "Delta" Donnie

“Delta” Donnie Mathis was born in Helena, Arkansas and grew up with the sound of the delta musical influence that he describes as a combination of honky tonk, country, rock and blues.  The sound was unique and the music was played in the beer joints and honky tonks up and down the delta near the banks of the Mississippi River.  “Delta” Donnie’s music encompasses many genres of music: country – old and new, Southern Rock, classic rock and roll, with a little bit of blues thrown in the mix. His musical genre versatility is one of the reasons his music appeals to a large variety of audiences. His deep, rich, melodic voice has captivated audiences for many years. Recently, he has recorded voice overs for Rich and Tone Duck Calls for their weekly TV series RnTV. 

At the age of eight, he was performing weekly on the stage at the Country Music Jamboree with Rockabilly Hall of Fame Member, Sun Recording Artist, and host, Mack Self.  Learning to play guitar at an early age beside International Rockabilly Hall of Fame Member, C.W. Gatlin (played with Levon Helm) and Sonny "Red" Baker, started the passion for music.  Forming his first band in early school years with guitarist, Sterling Billingsley, he was the front man and the band became a regional favorite from Memphis to Helena.  During his college years, he often returned home to play with International Rockabilly Hall of Fame member, Clyde Watson.  In the early eighties, his band, The Lawton Brooks Band, played throughout the South.  By the early nineties, he was performing with several bands as guitarist and vocalist.  Later, he started his own band, The Delta Donnie Band and has performed throughout the South, and as far North as St. Paul, MN.

Donnie has had many musical influences in his life, such as Mack Self, C.W. Gatlin, Clyde Watson, Ace Cannon, and other greats, etc.  Other musical influences include Elvis Presley, Lynyrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet and Travis Tritt.  Merle Haggard was and continues to be a huge musical influence in "Delta" Donnie's music.  Merle's songs tend to always tell a story that most everyday, working folks can relate to.  "Delta" Donnie says you can never go wrong with three chords and a story.

September 4, 2015, "Delta" Donnie was inducted into the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame, in Jackson, TN. It is a great honor to be included with the greats, ie, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Narvel Felts, Ray Walker (Jordanaires) Brenda Lee, and many more.

In March, 2016, "Delta" Donnie made the move to the Gulf Coast in Alabama, having played for many years in the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi area.  Having lived and performed for many years in Hot Springs, AR, the move was a difficult one but felt that he wanted to move to the Gulf Coast where live music is found seven days a week.  He is deeply appreciative for his fans that have supported him through the years.  They are the reason he performs.   Besides music, golf is his passion. 

“Delta” Donnie can be contacted at deltadonnie@yahoo.com or by calling (870) 723-9516.